We are the Leading Service Providers in CCTV. We have been in the industry from more than one decade. Our experts will take care of your Installation services, Maintenance, Repairs, Surveys or any kind of requirement.

We have a wide range of products which are specialized in every category. likewise CCTV for School with Mic and Speaker option, CCTV for Stores with POS, CCTV for Saloons to update the Customers lists. CCTV for Petrol Bunks to Capture the Readings for fuel, CCTV for Tolls to get the Vehicles Details.

We AMP TECHNOLOGIES are the leading service providers for the CCTV services like the INSTALLATION, MAINTENANCE & REPAIRS. What brand you use, we can get it work right for you. Our specialists are trained in such a way we will take care of all of your requirements like the proper fixing of the cameras at the right place, Proper lenses required for the capturing of the video. Proper Setup for the best need for the requirement of the clients.

Our experienced team had been in the installation at various sites like Hospitals, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Airports, shopping malls, Roadways, Toll Gates, Parking Lots, Theaters, Poultry Farm, Fish Farm, Petrol Bunks, Gas Bunks, ATMS, Banks, Shopping Fete, Residential complexes, Buildings, Open Ventures, Forest Remote Areas, Animal Census & A lot more.

We work with all famous brands like the National & International ones which are highly used in the market. We will take care of your setup from initial setup to the latest updates required for the need.

Our Experienced Faculty is much we need to talk about, he has got more than 13 years of Experience in this industry and also trained our INDIAN ARMY on VCA and other CCTV related topics. We have trained more than 5000 students in the last Decade and also placed them in various sectors like the site, installation, Maintenance projects, official monitoring systems, control room operators and much more also in the private business establishments.

We got the training in class room, Online, Sessions and also Campus Training in concerned office or college. We train people in such a way that they would be able to make their career like the oriented path for the future. They can start their own business and also work out on any of the above-mentioned positions.